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Virtual Private Networking: A Construction, Operation and Utilization Guide

Virtual Private Networking: A Construction, Operation and Utilization Guide

By: Gilbert Held(auth.)

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Year: 2004
Pages: 300
Language: English

This book provides network managers, LAN administrators and small business operators with all they need to know to "interconnect" multiple locations or travelling employees that need to access a single location. The operation and utilization of virtual private networks is discussed both in theory and practicality, covering the technical aspects associated with encryption and digital certificates as well as the manner by which readers can create VPNs using readily available products from Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint and possibly other vendors.

The author was among the first to write about the concept of virtual private networking in a series of articles published over five years ago, and in the intervening years this has become a very hot topic - with the technology being increasing deployed by companies.

Virtual Private Networking, by Gilbert Held, covers the technology and the theory, but also shows readers, through numerous examples, 'how to use ' the technology.Content:
Chapter one Introduction to Virtual Private Networking (pages 1–22):
Chapter two Understanding Authentication and Encryption (pages 23–52):
Chapter three Understanding the TCP/IP Protocol Suite (pages 53–77):
Chapter four Layer 2 Operations (pages 79–132):
Chapter five Higher Layer VPNs (pages 133–201):
Chapter six VPN Hardware and Software (pages 203–260):
Chapter seven Service Provider?Based VPNs (pages 261–281):



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