Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures

Mesoscopic Electronics in Solid State Nanostructures

By: Thomas Heinzel

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Year: 2007
Pages: 416
Language: English
Published: Wiley-VCH

This text treats electronic transport in the regime where conventional textbook models are no longer applicable, including the effect of electronic phase coherence, energy quantization and single-electron charging. This second edition is completely updated and expanded, and now comprises new chapters on spin electronics and quantum information processing, transport in inhomogeneous magnetic fields, organic/molecular electronics, and applications of field effect transistors. The book also provides an overview of semiconductor processing technologies and experimental techniques. With a number of examples and problems with solutions, this is an ideal introduction for students and beginning researchers in the field.

"This book is a useful tool, too, for the experienced researcher to get a summary of recent developments in solid state nanostructures. I applaud the author for a marvellous contribution to the scientific community of mesoscopic electronics." —Prof. K. Ensslin, Solid State Physics Laboratory, ETH Zurich